Bamboo French Press
Bamboo French Press
Bamboo French Press

Café San Cayetano

Bamboo French Press

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Would you like a cappuccino at home? 

Our Bamboo French Press 800 ml which in turn is Skimmer. It is the ideal method to make a delicious Cappuccino. Since you not only do a good coffee but you can cream the milk to make a cappuccino.

With this gift practical  Easy to use you will be able to surprise that person special Y give him away a delicious cappuccino everyday. 

  • The filter is made of stainless steel: so it is safe and non-toxic, not easy to rust, healthy and safe.
  • Easy to rinse: all components can be removed and installation is simple.
  • Multi-uses: for tea, coffee, and milk foam.
You can find the instruction video to use it on our instagram.
A cappuccino will always be the best company. 

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