Café San Cayetano 340g
Café San Cayetano 340g

Café San Cayetano

Café San Cayetano 340g

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You know
 Where Does Your Coffee Really Come From?

Since San Cayetano Coffee we care that our customers know the origin of their coffee, that is why our coffee is Sown, Harvested and Produced by ourselves on the farm San Cayetano, located in the municipality of Fredonia, Department of Antioquia, Colombia. Being So a coffee one hundred percent of origin.

Our Roast 

We use a Toyster Half because it is where all the notes and the rate profile of our coffee.


Our Coffee contains notes of red fruits; mainly Blackberry Y You can also appreciate notes of green apple. Is a coffee chocolaty; sweet flavor, with a hint of panela. It has a medium creamy body, and a citric acidity very nice to aftertaste.

¿Why buy Café San Cayetano?

When buying coffee San Cayetano you will not only enjoy a premium coffee, But you will also contribute to the creation of a better society

-Behind this cafe there is a family company with more than a hundred years of tradition and history.

-Committed to sustainable development throughout the entire process of our coffee.

-We provide education to the new generations through the Tomas Ospina Educational Center Hernandez.

-We provide excellent working conditions to our employees and protect the environment and biodiversity.

-Coffee certified as the best in the world by the Rainforest at the SCA 2017 fair.


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