San Cayetano - Whole Bean

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Notes of berries mainly blackberry, green apple, and a touch of honey. It has a medium creamy body and a delightful citric acidity in the aftertaste.


Do you know where you coffee came from

We're passionate about transparency and quality, which is why every bean in our coffee is meticulously planted, harvested, and produced on our very own San Cayetano farm, nestled in the heart of Fredonia, Antioquía, Colombia. With us, you're not just sipping coffee, you're experiencing a 100% single origin coffee in every cup.

Our Roast:

Crafted to perfection, our Medium Roast embodies the ideal balance where every note and flavor profile of our coffee truly shines. Experience the full spectrum of flavors and aromas carefully cultivated in each cup, showcasing the unique essence of Café San Cayetano.

Why to buy Café San Cayetano?

Indulge in more than just exceptional coffee when you choose San Cayetano. With over a century of family tradition and history, our commitment extends beyond brewing the perfect cup.

- We're dedicated to sustainable practices throughout every step of our coffee's journey.

- By supporting us, you're fostering education through the Tomas Ospina Hernandez Educational Center, ensuring future generations thrive.

-We prioritize our employees' well-being, providing excellent working conditions while safeguarding the environment and biodiversity.

-Recognized for excellence, our coffee has been certified as the best in the world by the Rainforest at the SCA 2017 fair.

With San Cayetano, your coffee experience is elevated, enriching both your palate and our shared world."